LCF Clubs were established in the United Kingdom in 1985 to teach French and Spanish to young learners. With users worldwide LCF is now one of the largest providers of language courses for children.

The activities in our structured courses are stimulating and engaging. They include storytelling, drama, crafts and many fun songs and games. All of the LCF programs have also been produced, using the same successful principles, to teach English to young learners all around the world.

LCF Club - Summer Activities - Hungary

Our informal and friendly classes or clubs provide the best and safest environment for children to develop their self-esteem and self-confidence. They rapidly acquire enough knowledge to enjoy using the language for communication and expression.
Young learners from 3 to 11 benefit from our fun courses in clubs and holiday courses.

LCF clubs operate in many countries around the world including UK, Hungary, Finland, Sweden, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal and now in France.

LCF Clubs offer families with young children an efficient and affordable solution to learn English as a foreign language.


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